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Land ‘N’ Sea Boat Accessories 

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WAVEPRO’s offers shock absorbing boat seat pedestals with air spring over hydraulic shock absorber, which results in the smoothest ride on the water without that back-jarring experience you get with a non-air ride pedestal. 

WAVEPRO’s sleek design weighs only 7lbs, allows for 360 degree swivel  and is fully adjustable for a wide range of rider weights.

Pedestals come either stationary or movable in 4 different sizes; 10, 12, 14, or 16 inches. Swivel lock and seat slider options available.

Wave Pro Hi-Performance Boat Pedestal avaiable at Anchor Marine

Aurora Marine Boat Care Products

Aurora Marine Boat Care Products

Boat Care Products for boat restoration, boat protection, boat maintenance, best boat cleaning for all types of boats in less time and effort.  Some of our favorites are:

Bow Buddy Stone Guard

Why Use Bow Buddy?

Avoid Costly Rock Chip Damage

Rocks or tar flying on road surfaces can cause bruises and other damage that takes hours as well as money to repair.

The Bow-Buddy assembles, removes, and stores in minutes. This protective device is fabricated from strong materials and will withstand many years of rough use on roads and highways. Keep your boat, in showroom condition.

The Bow Buddy is manufactured in British Columbia, Canada


Completely designed and manufactured in Canada, The original RockGARD™  provides a hull protection device that offered:

  • maximum protection of the hull

  • no contact with the boat

  • ease of use (install & remove)

  • a stylish look

  • lightweight yet extremely durable construction

  • reasonably priced

S.J. Design is confident that with proper installation you will receive years of reliable performance of a RockGARD™ to protect your boat. S.J. Design warrants the RockGARD™ from any defects in material or workmanship for one year from date of purchase.